The archaeology Department initiated a comprehensive rehabilitation project for the historic Wazir Mansion, commencing the restoration efforts from 2002 to 2008. This ambitious undertaking, carried out in collaboration with the esteemed joint venture partner M/S Iqbal Progressive Builder, aimed to breathe new life into this iconic architectural gem.

The Wazir Mansion, with its rich historical significance, underwent a meticulous restoration process to preserve its heritage while incorporating contemporary elements for enhanced functionality and visual appeal. The rehabilitation project was characterized by a commitment to architectural authenticity and a dedication to reviving the building’s original grandeur.

The restoration efforts included the revitalization of both the exterior and interior aspects of Wazir Mansion. Exterior enhancements involved the repair and refurbishment of the façade, restoration of architectural details, and the use of compatible materials to ensure a seamless blend with the building’s historic character. Special attention was paid to preserving the unique features that contribute to the building’s identity.

Internally, the renovation focused on upgrading infrastructure, improving structural integrity, and introducing modern amenities to meet contemporary standards. The collaborative efforts of the archaeology Department and M/S Iqbal Progressive Builder sought to strike a delicate balance between historical preservation and the integration of cutting-edge technology and design.

The joint venture successfully navigated the challenges of restoring a structure with deep historical roots, ensuring that the Wazir Mansion became a testament to the harmonious coexistence of the past and present. This project not only honored the architectural heritage of the building but also transformed it into a functional and vibrant space for future generations to appreciate.

As a result of the meticulous rehabilitation work, Wazir Mansion stands as a shining example of successful collaboration in the restoration of cultural landmarks, showcasing how a dedicated partnership can breathe new life into historical treasures and contribute to the ongoing legacy of architectural preservation.