The Dunkin’ Donuts branch underwent a series of renovation works in collaboration with MS Mima Construction, with Architect Ahmad Agah serving as a subcontractor for various tasks. This comprehensive renovation project aimed to refresh and enhance the building’s interior and exterior spaces, ensuring a modern and inviting atmosphere for customers.

The exterior renovation involved the revitalization of the storefront, signage, and overall facade. MS Mima Construction, with Architect Ahmad Agah’s expertise, worked diligently to create an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary exterior that aligns with Dunkin’ Donuts’ brand image. Attention was given to architectural details, landscaping, and exterior lighting to enhance the curb appeal and create an inviting entrance for customers.

Internally, the renovation project focused on optimizing the layout for improved functionality and customer flow. Architect Ahmad Agah’s input was integral in ensuring that the interior design not only met Dunkin’ Donuts’ brand standards but also created a comfortable and visually appealing space for patrons. Upgrades to seating arrangements, lighting, and the overall decor contributed to a modern and welcoming ambiance.

As a subcontractor, Architect Ahmad Agah worked collaboratively with MS Mima Construction to oversee specific elements of the renovation, ensuring that the design vision was seamlessly translated into the final result. The collaboration allowed for a cohesive integration of architectural expertise and construction proficiency.

The Dunkin’ Donuts branch renovation project with MS Mima Construction and Architect Ahmad Agah exemplifies a successful blend of architectural innovation and construction efficiency. The revitalized space not only meets the functional needs of the business but also provides an enhanced experience for customers, creating a modern and stylish environment that aligns with Dunkin’ Donuts’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.