The transformation of Gulshan Iqbal Town from its old to new avatar is a testament to the meticulous and visionary building renovation work undertaken by M/S Solution Master between the years 2002 and 2013. This extensive project aimed at breathing new life into the town, marrying modernity with the historical charm of its old buildings.

The renovation work spanned both old and new structures within Gulshan Iqbal Town. The revitalization process involved a careful restoration of aging buildings, preserving their architectural heritage while incorporating contemporary design elements to meet the demands of a modern urban landscape.

For the old buildings, the restoration process included repairing facades, reinforcing structural integrity, and refurbishing architectural details to maintain the town’s historical character. M/S Solution Master brought its expertise to bear in ensuring that every aspect of the renovation paid homage to the town’s rich past.

Simultaneously, the construction of new buildings showcased innovation and forward-thinking design. The integration of sustainable materials, energy-efficient technologies, and modern construction practices elevated Gulshan Iqbal Town’s infrastructure to meet contemporary standards. The new structures seamlessly blended with the existing urban fabric, creating a cohesive and harmonious environment.

M/S Solution Master played a pivotal role in orchestrating this comprehensive transformation, demonstrating a keen understanding of architectural heritage and contemporary urban planning. The collaboration resulted in a balanced amalgamation of the old and the new, ensuring Gulshan Iqbal Town retained its cultural identity while embracing the future.

The completion of this decade-long renovation project marked a significant milestone in the evolution of Gulshan Iqbal Town. The revitalized landscape not only stands as a testament to the town’s resilience but also provides its residents with a renewed sense of pride, offering a blend of history, modernity, and a sustainable vision for the years to come.