The collaboration between Khaadi, MS Mima Construction, and Architect Ahmad Agah as a subcontractor has resulted in a remarkable building renovation project. This initiative aimed to revitalize and modernize the space, creating an environment that reflects Khaadi’s brand ethos while incorporating architectural innovation and construction expertise.

The exterior renovation of the building involved a meticulous redesign of the storefront and facade. MS Mima Construction, working in tandem with Architect Ahmad Agah, focused on enhancing the visual identity of the Khaadi space. Architectural details, signage, and landscaping were carefully considered to create an inviting and contemporary exterior that resonates with the brand’s aesthetic.

Internally, the renovation project prioritized optimizing the layout and spatial design to align with Khaadi’s functional requirements. Architect Ahmad Agah played a crucial role in ensuring that the interior design elements complemented Khaadi’s brand identity, creating a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere. The integration of modern fixtures, lighting, and sustainable design principles contributed to the overall enhancement of the space.

As a subcontractor, Architect Ahmad Agah collaborated closely with MS Mima Construction to oversee specific aspects of the renovation. This collaboration allowed for the seamless integration of architectural vision with construction execution, ensuring that Khaadi’s design expectations were met with precision.

The Khaadi building renovation project serves as a testament to the successful collaboration between Khaadi, MS Mima Construction, and Architect Ahmad Agah. The revitalized space not only meets the functional and aesthetic requirements of Khaadi but also provides an inviting and contemporary environment for customers. The collaboration reflects a commitment to quality, design excellence, and an innovative approach to building renovation in the retail sector.